Saturday, March 07, 2009

Clean little Wolf

Today Emmy and I went out with my friend Katy to this huge park about 20 minutes from Troy. There were a ton of other doggies, kids, and bikes since it was actually a really warm day (50 degrees). It was a lot of stimulation for my little woof, but she did really well. It was really cool because there are all these walking paths that have little signs up to tell you how far you've walked. I think we walked 3-4 miles if not more. I'm not exactly sure because we were cutting up and around different paths when ever we came to a fork. We power walked for over an hour. Afterward I vacuumed the car with my Dust Buster and wiped down all of the plastic parts of the car with Lysol wipes. That was hard work! It is raining now, so I put the rubber foot mats out on the deck so that they will hopefully get a clean. We don't have a hose so I can't spray them off. I shook them out, but there was still dirt in the little grooves. After that I did some yoga, cleaned the house, gave Emmy a bath and gave myself one too. Here are some pictures of her after her bath. She is so glowing white!

This is only one side of her. When I brushed the other side of her this pile doubled.

This video is kind of long and has some slow parts, but she is just to cute!

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