Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Shrug

I think that I will have to adopt the look of the shrug this summer. Since I don't have to wear my YMCA shirt everyday like I did last year, I actually get to pick my outfits for work. For now I dress in office attire, slacks and a top, but during the summer I like to wear tank tops. It is so hot and humid here (the humidity is what gets to me) that I don't really like to wear anything but tank tops. I've even been known to put antiperspirant under my chin because when I look down I don't like the feeling of the sweaty skin from my chin touching my neck. (Aka "My double chin is choking me.") I think for modesty's sake, I am going to have to wear something over the tank top. I plan to walk to work on most days so I guess I'll have to put the shrugs or shirts in my backpack. I will be starting work at noon, so it's not even like I will be walking in the coolness of the morning. I figure I'll be back to shorts, tank tops, and flipflops by midsummer, but I'm going to try to give summer professionalism a try. I better start stocking up on summer dresses and light cardigans.

Last night I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Forever 21's website. I found a lot of things that I thought were very cute and summery. I got all the way to the checkout page and entered half of my credit card number, but had the willpower to close the page. $75 for five items is expensive to me especially when I know I can get so much more at Old Navy's bargain section. I love to shop, but I think I like to get good deals more.

I haven't decided on what to do yet. Any suggestions? Perhaps I'll be like my friend Abby and start to make my own...that could be a disaster.

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