Friday, March 27, 2009


I haven't had a haircut since October when we went down to Georgia for Uncle Walter's funeral. I loved the hair stylist down there so much that I haven't wanted to try to find another one. But now it's been way too long and I don't see us going back down to Georgia any time soon. I've been complaining about my hair for months now and desperately need a trim. I'm also getting to the point where the long hair is becoming boring. I suggested to Edward that I might get a bob and he was not happy about that. Well first he asked what a bob was. When I told him, he wasn't to enthused. He likes my long hair. So I guess it's just a trim for me.

Now I'm seriously contemplating some highlights. Rolando had asked me a while back why I stopped getting highlights. (I used to get them when I was in Riverside.) It's basically because I'm lazy and don't want to put out $70 every time I get my hair done. Since I'm thinking of actually going to a real salon this time instead of Fantastic Sam's, I might put out the dough for some hair color. I've also been thinking of some bangs, but I know that six months from now I'm going to be sick of them. It happens everytime. I guess what I have to do now is to look for hair styles that are easy and look nice with long hair. I like the layers that I have now, but I am getting very bored with the lifelessness of my locks.

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The Bowers! said...

Ha! I was just thinking the other day that I REALLY need a hair cut, too. Dang, I wish we were back in GA.