Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anniversary BBQ Menu

This weekend Nick, Christopher, Briana and I are hosting my parents 40-year anniversary BBQ with some of their friends.  This is only the first of two as we will be having one with our family too.  Yay for BBQs! Here is the menu that Nick and I have planned out.  It was a little bit difficult, not to mention frustrating, because two of our guests decided on a whim to become vegetarians for a month just to see if they could do it.  Not only that, they're picky eaters to begin with.  So I've planned a couple of things that normally wouldn't be on my party menu.  I'm fully prepared to pick up BCR burritos for them in the morning to throw on the grill to reheat, but I'm hoping that the appetizers and sides will be enough to fill them.

Bacon-wrapped scallops
Brie and smoked salmon
Veggie Platter 
Filet mignon topped with shallots, garlic, and rosemary butter
Spicy garlic shrimp
German potato salad
Home-made Mac and Cheese with crusty buttery topping
Baked beans (my Dad's choice...simple as always)
Chinese gai lan
Berry platter 
Grilled Cling peaches with vanilla ice cream 
More wine
Cucumber-lemon water
Soda (for the underaged)

I've made each guest a wine glass as a favor using glass paint and white wine stemless glasses.  When I have the time, which better be soon, I will take pictures of them all to post.  Nick will be cutting his own filet mignon, which he is very excited about.   That is his project.  Mine, well, is the rest of the meal. Christopher and Briana are commissioned with cleaning before and after as to many cooks in the kitchen is always a bad thing.  So, I'll be starting my grocery shopping tonight after I try to get myself to paint the kitchen in the condo, then Costco shopping tomorrow, and food prep on Friday.  No wonder I've been so tired!

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The Bowers! said...

That all sounds so mouth wateringly scrumptious!I never would have guessed that you would someday be up writing on your blog this early! Life sure has changed, huh?