Monday, August 08, 2011

Table Top

This weekend we went out to the City to take my grandma to dim sum since we haven't seen her in a while.  My parents had saved me table legs from an old outdoor table that they had, but I wasn't sure if I wanted it.  I figured that it would be more expensive to buy a new table top than to just get a fabricated set from Ikea.  I had just told my parents the night before that they could get rid of the table legs when I came upon a free table top!  I was walking Emmy so that she could stretch her legs before she had to stay in the car during lunch when I saw it propped up against a tree with a pile of old carpet.  Emmy was marking, but I was getting so excited I started tugging her even though there was no one else around to steal it from me.  I started wheeling it back when Nick yells, "What are you doing?"  and all is say is, "Come help me!".  Sometimes I wonder why he stays with me.  I picked a table top off the side the street in San Francisco...classy, I know.

Since we were going to lunch I ran upstairs to my grandma's flat and had my dad open the garage door.

Me: Can you open the garage door please?
Dad: For what?
Me: I found a table top.
Dad: On the street?
Me: Yeah, when I was walking Emmy.
Dad: That's my daughter!

I do have to say, my dad sounded quite proud of his cheap-skate daughter!  My plan is to glue little embellishments onto the side of the table so that it has some charm and then paint it black.

These are about an inch in length.  Hopefully it turns
out the way I want it too!  

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