Friday, August 23, 2013

The Spartan Beast

After months of training, it was finally upon us.  Christopher and I had been running half marathons and started Crossfit in preparation for the Spartan Beast in Monterey. Even with all the training, I was so nervous that I didn't sleep well for days prior to the event.  By the time the actual day came, I had very strong pre-race jitters.  Usually, I don't sleep well the night before because races are usually very early and I'm afraid that I won't wake up in time.  For the Spartan, I wasn't sleeping well from pure nervousness.  Our heat started at 11am, so we had plenty of time to get to the starting line so I wasn't worried about over sleeping.

 photo null_zps7b2c6c98.jpg
Nick was very happy to be in the hotel.  We stayed at the Hyatt in Monterey
and will definitely be going there when we visit Christopher at school.

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Before the race we knew that we had to eat a good breakfast.  Christopher and I were both surprised at how many people we heard saying that they should have eaten breakfast.  It was a 13 mile run with 25+ obstacles and treacherous terrain.  Why wouldn't you eat a good breakfast?!  Nick and I had been to The Breakfast Club before and I really wanted to go back.

 photo null_zps51c8a9b6.jpg
Christopher and I each got a plate of scrambled eggs and real corned beef hash.
I specify "real" because we usually eat it from a can.  We didn't eat it all because
we didn't want to be uncomfortably full, but it was so gosh darn good. 

 photo null_zps0ebc937f.jpg
Nick got a vegetarian omelet. 

It just so happened that the couple we were meeting up with parked about four spaces away from us so we didn't have to do the "I'm under the red tent.  ...I'm under the red tent! I don't see you!" game.  My friend Madeline and her boyfriend, Matt, were dumb enough to sign up for the race with us.  It was a grueling race, but it was so much fun.  At times we were all asking ourselves, "Why did we pay to do this?!", but it gives you such an accomplished feeling that you can't help but want to do more.  Let's be honest, it makes you feel pretty freaking bad a** also. 

 photo null_zps553b8dca.jpg
We figured we needed as many pictures before we started the race as we could.
Note: Look how white Matt's shirt is. 

 photo null_zpsd558b59d.jpg
"What did I get myself into?!"

 photo null_zps48a5fe59.jpg
"You can do it!"  Nick was the support crew.  He was there
to cheer us on and drive us home. 

 photo null_zps9f89a2ab.jpg
Walking in, we thought that this was just a cool structure to greet us.  Little
did we know that it was actually and obstacle that we had to climb up and get
across.  If you know anything about Christopher and I, we're afraid of heights.
This was probably one of the most mentally challenging obstacles to get through.

 photo null_zpsa1f2dd4c.jpg

 photo null_zpsb47b90cc.jpg
At the starting line.

 photo null_zps4bd8d28b.jpg

 photo null_zps182550a7.jpg
We finished!  Look how dirty Matt's shirt is!  They actually hosed us down
with fire hose during and after we crawled through mud under barbed wire.

 photo null_zps34b57d67.jpg
This is us trying to look tough while grimacing.  My mom thought that
we were smiling.  Toughness fail. 

 photo null_zps31fc913e.jpg
They make you wear time chips on your person somewhere.
I put mine on like it is a watch.  During the gravel carrying
obstacle, the bucket of gravel caught between my skin
and the time keeper.  This picture was taken after the race
was over. 

 photo null_zpsdc76cdb4.jpg
Day two of the time keeper bruise. 

 photo null_zps8112b8c9.jpg
Post race. 

 photo null_zpsa9308799.jpg
We wanted to get The Boiling Crab in San Jose, but the line was out the door
and the wait was 45 minutes. Christopher and I really needed food so we
went next door to get pho.  

 photo null_zps3cad4aa1.jpg
Nick LOVES Ban Mis.

 photo null_zpse9fe1648.jpg

 photo null_zpsb8c1084d.jpg
We finished in five hours and 22 minutes.  We walked
most of it and I'm sure that we could finish it faster if
we ran a little bit more, but it was very hot and extremely
dusty. There were times that we were hiking such steep
hills that my hands and feet were touching the ground like
I was climbing up the mountain.
After all this, Christopher, Madeline, and I are hooked.  (Matt is unconvinced.)  We have signed up to do the Spartan Trifecta, which is the Spartan Sprint (3mi), Spartan Super (8mi), and another Spartan Beast (13mi).  In order to get a Spartan Trifecta you have to do all three races in a calendar year.  Since we didn't know about this prior to our race, we are a little bit too late to squeeze a Trifecta into our calendar year.  We've even convinced our Dad and Nick to do the Sprint with us.  If anyone wants to do it, this is the time!  We're starting small.  We've dubbed ourselves the "Chinfecta" (we considered Chin-fong-ta) but we're thinking of changing our names since some of our Crossfit friends want to do it too.  It's on! 

Christopher put together a compilation video of us during the race with his GoPro.  If you would like to see it, click on the Chin Spartan Beast link. 

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