Monday, August 05, 2013

Today's Lunch: July 21, 2013

Oh where to begin!  It has been quite some time and Nick and I haven't really been having that great of food.  I've considering blogging about Crossfit, but really, I don't want to talk about how I feel like death after each workout or how it is the worst 20 minutes of my day.  I hate to even admit that it works really well.

 photo null_zps943424bb.jpg
Along with many bumps and bruises, I also managed to
whip myself doing double unders with a jump rope. 

Unfortunately, at work a few of my coworkers suffered the loss of their grandparents.  I'm pretty superstitious and think that bad things really do come in threes, so I called my Mom to see if she could set up a lunch with my Grandma.  Luckily, she was free.  She's a pretty busy lady for being a grandma!  It was good seeing her and knowing that everything is going well. 

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 photo null_zpsc7e9cb52.jpg
Guai-fay-pong: large clams with glass noodles, garlic and green onions.

 photo null_zps3f8a2e44.jpg
We always order so much food for just the five of us.
 photo null_zps6fbb481b.jpg
Christopher and I thought that we were ordering sticky
rice in banana leaves. Wrong.  These are rice dumplings with
a savory meat filling.  The dumpling texture is very similar
to mochi.  It was pretty good, but pretty disappointing when
you think you're getting sticky rice. 

 photo null_zpsc12e0dad.jpg

 photo null_zps63148fd2.jpg
Egg custard

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