Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: August 16, 2013

Since I've been slacking on the blog posts I figured that I would just try to catch up on some of the more exciting dinners that we have had in the last couple of weeks. Tonight we went to Sasa because I wanted Nick to try it out after I went for an admin lunch.  I think I built it up too much for him because he seemed unimpressed.  I enjoyed myself though.

 photo null_zps497125e4.jpg
We started off with Uni and Salmon.

 photo null_zpsf9b3d19d.jpg

 photo null_zps183861ce.jpg
I always have to get California Rolls when I have sushi. 

 photo null_zps32f7ba11.jpg
Nick tried a spicy cocktail while I had champagne. 

 photo null_zps4f8e4728.jpg
Duck confit fries with gravy.  These were amazing.  They were the best fries I've
had in a long time. 

 photo null_zps7c5992f7.jpg
Beef tongue

 photo null_zps89c0b9b0.jpg
It was a little too chewy for me.  I think if it was braised it would have been

 photo null_zps45664a4b.jpg
By the time all of our food came out we were a little too full to eat all of
these sweetbreads.  I only had three or four nuggets because they were
incredibly rich. 

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