Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today's Breakfast: June 7, 2014

This morning we woke up very early to do the longest leg of the Spartan Tri-fecta.  I had planned out our pre-race schedule so that we wouldn’t miss our start time (9:30am).  Originally, we were supposed to wake up at 5am, but I turned off my alarm twice and over slept until 5:50am.  Good thing my Dad knocked on our door. I popped up like Jack-in-the-Box and we were out of the house we rented by 6:15am.

We went to The Breakfast Club, a place Nick and I found through Yelp a few years back and Christopher frequents when he’s down at school.  They have great food and very friendly service.  It’s one of those places that even though we only go there once or twice a year, it feels like they know us.  Queue Cheers theme song. We wanted to fuel up before the race so we made sure to get big breakfasts and drank lots of water.

Monterey Spartan Beast 2014 Video Compilation

Nick got chicken and waffles.

I had a corned beef hash omelet with home fries and biscuits and gravy.

So clean!  Our team name is "Chin-fecta" as a play off of the Trifecta.

12.7 mi, 28 obstacles and 8.25 hours later, we finished!  There were some REALLY steep ridges that we had to trek through.  That was the hardest and scariest part for me. The obstacles were challenging, but the terrain was just torturous.

After a grueling day in the sun, Christopher had a tan/burn around the his bib number that was written in black marker on his arm.


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