Friday, June 13, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: June 7, 2014

After a long, grueling day of hiking and crawling through mud, we rushed back to our house to clean up and make it for an 8:30pm dinner reservation.  We were all extremely hungry and tired.  When we got to the Monterey Fish House, it was pretty crowded and they lost our reservation.  I’m pretty sure that this has happened to us before.  We’ve been there three times now and they’ve lost the reservation twice.  I was rather irritated, but they were very accommodating.  We sat at the bar and ordered drinks.  By the time we were settled with drinks, they had set up a table and had us seated.  I’ll give them points for that.  The reservation was originally for 8:30pm and they had us seated by 8:37pm (I checked the time).  After the minor hiccup, the food and service was fantastic. We will definitely go there again when we are in town, but I’ll be sure to confirm my reservation before we arrive.

My parents love fried calamari so we got an order of that to start off with and since they really enjoyed the grilled oysters that we made them we got a small order of wood oven oysters.  The oysters were delicious! They had grated garlic on top and a really nice smoking flavor.  For me the calamari batter didn’t have much flavor, but my parents really enjoyed it. 

Fried Calamari plate

Wood stove oysters

Christopher and my Dad got the fish plate with halibut and a half order of the shrimp scampi.

Nick also got the fish plate with sole and a half order of shrimp scampi.

My Mom got the mussels with homemade pasta.

I got the Sicilian Holiday fish soup with hand made pasta and a side of shrimp scampi.  It came in a large bowl and I ate the whole thing.  The only problem was that I was so tired that I wanted to fall asleep while still eating. It was so good though that I could have eaten another order.

A couple of shrimps from my scampi.

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