Friday, June 13, 2014

Today's Lunch: June 8, 2014

We left Monterey around 10:30am and were able to get back up to our area without hitting any traffic.  By noon, we were all pretty hungry and decided to go to Giant Chef burger.  Nick and I love the place and have been there many times.  I wanted to get something different from my normal country gravy smothered breakfast burrito.  I tried out the chili cheese burger instead.  It was really tasty, but it can’t top my breakfast burrito.  After my giant lunch I had to take a nap.  Major mistake.  My muscles and joints weren’t really bothering me so I was able to make really good headway on the unpacking, but then I couldn’t sleep that night!  

Chili cheese burger

Nick got his normal veggie omelet.

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