Friday, June 27, 2014

Restained Console Table

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll know that it’s been crafting central around our house.  This is mostly because I’ve convinced myself that I can’t get everything out of the boxes and placed where I want them until the crafts are done since they are functional furniture pieces.  This one isn’t as functional as some of my others, but I did tackle sanding and restaining of the free console table that we got from Nick’s office.  They were planning on junking the table so it has found a new home.  It was my first time using my Rigid random orbital sander and it worked like a charm.  The table was a light brown stain that screams office furniture, but after I sanded it down and used Minwax Dark Walnut stain I think it looks much more like a piece of furniture that you have at home.  At least I hope so.  For about $15, I was able to restain and Varathane Clear Semi-Gloss Polyurethane the table.

I stationed the new table next to our front door and decorated with a couple of vintage wine jugs and a candle holder that I got from estate sales for about $7 total.  I was pretty pleased with these purchases.  I just washed them up with some soap and water and they look like new.  

You can see the difference in color just from a few pass throughs with the sander.

I like the sanded down color, but I really just wanted to use a stain.

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