Wednesday, July 09, 2014

4th of July 2014

Well, this is it.  We had our first party in our new house.  As one of our friends was leaving he said, "Your apartment was nice, but this just, this just better."  That made me feel really good.  Plus, it's twice the size so everyone had a place to sit or stand.  Granted, there were still people sitting on the floor, but there was much more room to do so.  Since we were still getting the house together at the last minute, I requested from our friends to do a potluck.  This is new territory for me and I had a pretty difficult time letting go of the reigns, but our friends really did pull through.  Half of them were our bridesmaids and groomsmen wives who I knew would pull through,  a professional chef and her chef friend, and "singles" who brought drinks.  It turned out well.

We got frozen burgers (another first) and Polish dogs from Costco.  Did you know that Costco sells their polish dogs in the refrigerated section?  I was going to get standard hotlinks, but when I saw the Polish dogs I put them back.  I don't care for hotlinks and if there are going to be leftovers, I want it to be something that I will eat. Because I am the way I am, I also got a case of strawberries (more on that in a future post), potato salad, and scrumptious corn.  A good friend of mine gave me her recipe to corn and it was amazing.  You basically brine the corn and then cook it with butter.  Delicious.  She had told me about it a while ago, but since most of our dinner party cooking is for our family I haven't had a chance to do it.  With high blood pressure and cholesterol issues, this recipe was not exactly heart friendly.  Why not try it out on healthy young guns?  I didn't get a picture of the Polish dogs, but it's hard getting pictures when you're trying to entertain.  I love it none-the-less.

We had a great time and call me old, but everyone went home before 11pm so we were able to clean up and relax the rest of the weekend.

First off, since we did wait to the last minute, Nick was painting the top part of our bedroom.  Nick had the paint tray on the floor and Emmy was exiting the bathroom area and stepped right in it.  Of course, I yelled and scared Emmy into running all over out bedroom with carpeting.  Luckily, because the paint was so fresh I was able to get it out with rubbing alcohol while Nick started her bath. 

A friend brought over this awesome 7-layer bean dip.

My/good friend's corn!

Our chef friend brought over a caprese salad with fresh croutons. 

Another special friend made a spinach, strawberry and goat cheese salad.

Delicious corn muffins from another one of my bridesmaids. 

And our measly frozen burgers.  Good thing the love us the way we are. 

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