Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY reusable grocery bag

I can't take credit for this crafty idea, but I'll sure spread the word on how easy it is.  I'm terrible at sewing, but I was able to get this done in just a few minutes.  I spend way too much time on Pinterest.  It's a nice pastime while Nick and I are plopped in front of the TV after dinner.  My attention span isn't long enough to just sit and watch a show.  During one of my many, many searches, I found this great idea to turn an old t-shirt into a reusable grocery bag.  In this tutorial it doesn't look like they sewed up where the arm holes are cut.  I wash my reusable bags in the washing machine weekly so I wanted to ensure that the one I made wouldn't unravel at the sleeves.  My shirt was already a pretty wide-necked top so I didn't need to cute the neck hole larger. I basically made the t-shirt into a tank top and then sewed the bottom.

Over the weekend I was staining some Ikea spice shelves for a nail polish storage project that I'm working on.  I was wearing a favorite shirt while doing this.  Of course, I managed to get the dark wood stain on myself in a couple of different places.  I cannot tell you how many shirts I've ruined by being too lazy to change into an "at home shirt".  I washed the shirt in hopes that the stain would come out.  A couple did, but there was a pretty clear splotch of stain.  It was still a perfectly good shirt and I still really enjoyed the pattern, but realistically speaking, I'm a shopaholic and have too many t-shirts as it is.  So instead of hitting the donation pile, I tried out this crafty project.  It just so happened that my sewing machine was out with the right color thread put in because I was getting ready to make our bedroom curtains.  A few quick zips through the sewing machine and the shirt turned bag was done in less than 10 minutes.  It's a nifty trick if you're not ready to get rid of an old shirt.

It's difficult to see the stain, but it is in the lower left corner. 

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