Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Stich-Witch Pillows

Nick and I have been getting ready for our 4th of July BBQ/house warming party with our friends for the last two weeks.  It’s mostly been trying to get everything unpacked and somewhat into place.  I still have one box left of my high heels that we shoved in the closet, but all the other boxes are emptied and recycled.  Thank goodness.  It was so much easier putting stuff in the boxes than taking them out, that’s for sure.  This week has been the first week I have gone home and relaxed without anything looming over me, well, except the basket of towels that need to be folded.  So hopefully, I can have time to start blogging again while I wait for dinner to cook.  That seems to be the best way for me to get posts up in a timely manner.  We’re also starting to cook more again, which is good.  For a while my skin was super dry and starting to crack.  I’m convinced it was the poor nutrition from eating takeout all the time.  Now that we have balanced meals again, my skin has bounced back. 

I still have quite a few crafts that I would like to do, but most of them involve sewing, which I dislike.  I did make some pillow cases for our day bed/upstairs sofa so that when we had guests the pillows wouldn’t just be white.  I didn’t feel like trying to thread my sewing machine so I tried out some Stitch Witchery.  It worked pretty well on the gray and white fabric, but for some reason the blue and cream  wasn’t adhering.  I have to make some curtains for our bedroom so when I finally pull out the machine for that I’ll just zip some lines through the pillow cases.
I got the 26x26 cushion from Ikea for $10 and the fabric for about from Home Fabrics and Rugs.

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