Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: July 10, 2013

As I said in the last post, dinners have been drab and here is some proof.  Nick was out at one of his summertime shooting matches so I was on my own for dinner after getting back from climbing.  We had some left over green beans from the Fourth so I fried up five eggs to put on top.  Yup, that's what I had for dinner all right.  Exciting, huh?

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I have been trying pretty hard to change the way we eat.  I've cut down on a lot of our carbs and saturated fats.  I have noticed a significant difference in my energy level and general health.  My skin looks awesome, my hair has been growing like crazy, I'm losing fat and gaining muscle pretty quickly, I have so much energy, I don't get cravings for Taco Bell once a week, and I feel great about the healthy work I've been doing.  I have also noticed that when I do eat out with our office, I feel terrible afterwards.  Today we had a birthday lunch and I ordered a burger.  Though it was a tasty restaurant-style burger, I was so tired and actually felt a little bit sick the rest of the day.  It happened a couple of weeks ago also when I caved to a craving and got Chinese takeout.  I felt super lethargic and heavy.  I'm completely convinced that there is weight behind the whole "clean" eating that people are talking about.  I haven't even tried to make us eat fully organic, but I'm definitely starting to jump on the bandwagon.  Better late than never I guess. I just can't believe how much better I feel after a little over a month of cutting back on takeout and beer and introducing whole foods and green juice.  Oh man, I really am going crunch granola but hey, I have a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, 10ks, and a wedding in my very near future.  I needed a good kick in the butt.

Speaking of kick in the butt, last night Christopher and I tried our first class of Crossfit.  The instructor was impressed that I could do more than 10 pullups, but I still came in last.  During the last set I wanted to drop kick all of the people who were cheering us on.  It was nice and all, but I just wanted them to stuff it because I was barely getting my chin up to the bar. I have been so tired all day and was only able to go to the gym for thirty minutes.  My arms are so sore that it even hurts to turn my steering wheel.  I think I'm so tired today because it has taken so much energy to keep my arms moving throughout the day and the few climbs that I did at the gym.  It was probably also the giant burger that I packed away.  Note: As I reach for my glass of water, my forearm stretches and is SORE. After feeling terrible at the gym and literally yawning before starting a few wall climbs, I decided to throw in the towel and get in bed early.  I was literally in bed before the sun was fully down.  Hopefully this regeneration will be enough to get me through tomorrow's Crossfit class.  Fingers crossed.

Also, I'm quite pleased that I finally was able to publish a couple of posts even if they weren't really that packed with food pictures.

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