Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: July 16, 2013

Over the weekend I got us a rotisserie chicken from Costco because I knew I wouldn't be in the mood to cook after my work outs this week.  It has been increasingly more difficult to get motivated to cook after the gym.  This is mostly because I'm just not that hungry to eat anything big.

Nick deboned the chicken while I did a quick stirfry of my remaining kale and a bunch of spinach.  We also had the rest of our curry-kale soup.  It was a lot of food and after the soup, we weren't very hungry for the rest of the food.  Because of my tough workouts, I've gotten much better with eating left overs simply because I'm tired and neither Nick or I are feeling creative enough to put together interesting meals.  The rotisserie chicken really does help with getting a pretty healthy dinner on the table.  I can't even imagine how it's going to be when we have kids.

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