Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: July 13, 2013

Congrats to April and Shon!  Nick and I spent the evening in Livermore dancing and eating at April and Shon's wedding.  They had a really tasty BBQ buffet reception at the Retzlaff Vineyards.  We had a great time and I got see people I haven't seen since my Riverside days.

 photo null_zpsd6a955f4.jpg

 photo null_zps8e1a176b.jpg
I pretty much got a sampler plate of ribs, bbq chicken, bbq tri-tip, potato salad
corn salad, cucumber salad, baked beans, garlic bread, and corn bread.  And yes,
I did eat it all and had a second corn bread. 

 photo null_zps736b7327.jpg
Cute litte berry pie. 

 photo null_zpsb7840d90.jpg

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