Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: July 14, 2013

Our friend Frank came over to get out of his parents' house that he recently moved back into during his home buying transition.  He was so desperate to get out of the house that he came to watch the A's game and help me finish put together our wedding invitations.  He admitted that he didn't even have a hand in his own wedding invitations.  Welp, he helped put the finishing touches on the last 70 of our invites.  He's a pro at using a glue gun and tooth pick now. (Nick was at a shooting match so Frank and I had a spouseless craft date.) As a payment, I fed him Costco sushi, lots of beer and later on a garlic filled dinner.  Jenelle, his wife, was on a vacation with her family and absolutely detests garlic.  So I felt it was my duty as a friend to stuff him with as much garlic as I could. We then walked to a gay bar to check it out and experienced our first Drag show.  It was pretty awesome, but we did stick out like sore thumbs.  Everyone there was really nice and the place had a really cool lounge feel.

 photo null_zpsf9acab22.jpg

 photo null_zpsb1a4fa65.jpg
Chicken apple sausage, garlic broccoli, cous cous, and
garlic-rosemary low fat Greek yogurt.

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