Friday, July 05, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: June 28, 2013

Tonight after doing my first Hot Fusion, class Nick and I headed to Mary's Pizza Shack for our friend Will's birthday.  Because of the hot weather I hadn't been very hungry all week.  Once we got to Mary's though, my appetite came back.  I'm pretty sure that I gained back the four pounds that I had lost during the week.  I ate an entire calzone that was specifically labeled "for two" by myself.  According to their pan sizes, the calzone was equivalent of a medium veggie pizza. Hey, at least I got the veggie instead of meat.  I considered getting their full protein meal, but it consisted of a hamburger patty and grilled chicken.  That didn't sound so great to me after a really hard work out.  I wanted carbs.  Beautiful, fattening, delicious carbs.

I'm not sure if I'll continue Hot Fusion.  It was pretty intense.  My arms were sore for at least three days, which I was surprised by as I've been climbing and doing fairly heavy arm work outs recently.  When I went to the wall after the class, one of my coworkers was bouldering and I told him that my arms were literally shaking.  Hot Fusion is no joke!

 photo null_zps37eab5f1.jpg
My veggie calzone.

 photo null_zps071b7d22.jpg
Nick's mushroom burger.

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