Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: November 16, 2013

It was a big day of visiting with friends.  After having lunch with Nick's colleagues, a friend of mine from NY was in town visiting.  We arranged to meet up with them at Americano Restaurant for cocktails. After a little while of catching up, we got a little hungry so we decided to go to RN74 where a friend of ours is a sous chef. It was pretty cool because we were able to get a "tour" of the kitchen.  It's a pretty small place so we literally piled into the kitchen and stood in the middle watching everyone work. We didn't stay inside long as we felt like we were in everyone's way while they were in the middle of table service. My friend was pretty impressed that we were able to go into the kitchen at all.  I'm glad we could give her a new experience.

 photo null_zpsd39327b8.jpg
Since we were a walk-in group, we weren't able to get a table.  They serve the
full menu in the bar area though so we lucked out. 

 photo null_zps8f9dee60.jpg
Our friends ordered a little bit-sized bun with truffle oil, panchetta and quail egg. 

 photo null_zps9c2668b3.jpg
Bone marrow 

 photo null_zps2d26903f.jpg
Extra toasts for our awesome bone marrow. 

 photo null_zpsadb2614e.jpg
Braised veal cheek pappardelle .  By the time this came out, I was pretty stuffed,
but the veal cheek was really tasty. 

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