Friday, November 22, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: November 18, 2013

The Fongs had just gotten off a plane from Asia and wanted to have a family dinner.  After Crossfit I headed over to Jason's Hot Pot that recently opened up in our area.  I really enjoy hot pot because it is a very social way of eating and everyone knows that I love to talk.  We haven't gone to hot pot for a while since the one that we used to go to in El Cerrito shut down.

If you've never been to hot pot before, it's a pretty interactive experience.  They come out with large pots of broth that you heat over a flat top heating device.  Once your broth is boiled you add your fillers and cook it on the table top.  Sharing is caring in this type of place. We ordered several different types of protein.

 photo null_zps86535255.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. Fong ordered the basic clear broth and the spicy broth.

 photo null_zpsb547cdc7.jpg
Melissa, Nick and I had a the basic clear, spicy, and spicy tomato broth.

 photo null_zpsd6c6abc7.jpg
I believe this is called Wood Ear fungus.  It doesn't really have that much flavor
but is very crunchy even after it is cooked.  As a kid I hated this stuff and it really
grossed me out.  Now I really enjoy the crunchy, slightly chewing consistency.

 photo null_zps01c5e35f.jpg
Not sure what kind of fish this is, but it was pretty tasty. 

 photo null_zps2a488ed1.jpg

 photo null_zps747dee75.jpg
These meatballs were my favorite.  I'm not really sure how
these meatballs are made.  It almost seems like they pulverize
the meat and then put it back together with gelatin.  However
they make it, I love the chewiness. 

 photo null_zps8aa141eb.jpg
Frozen lamb.  A lot of the meats are frozen so that they can
use a deli slicer to make thin slices for quick cooking.

 photo null_zpsed2e1e11.jpg
Beef slices

 photo null_zps31529d54.jpg

 photo null_zpsd277737d.jpg
I believe this is the lamb, but after cooking the beef and lamb looked very similar.

 photo null_zpsea2fa20d.jpg
Meat and fish balls with noodles. 

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