Thursday, November 07, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: November 6, 2013

Nick and I haven't really cooked together for a while since I'm always at the gym in the evening. Tonight I got home a little earlier and he had gotten home from work a little bit later.  I had a big craving for loaded hot dogs, but since I did two workouts at Crossfit I thought it was best to have something healthier.  I did have some carbs though. I just can't do an all veg and protein diet.  I tried a while back and was miserable. I still like to have my half a cucumber, tomatoes, and cheese for lunch, but I figure I can calorie splurge on dinner since my body needs it from the work out.

I had prepared a couple of pork chops with a salt seasoning that we picked up in Hawaii.  Having over seasoned grilled shrimp with the stuff, I learned my lesson and only salt seasoned one side of the pork.  For the other side I simply used black pepper.  Nick threw it on the grill pan while I prepped veggies and pasta.

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I love grilled onions with my pork.

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