Friday, November 08, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: November 7, 2013

Tonight I skipped Crossfit because I was extremely sore from the night before.  I got a little overzealous and did two full workouts after not going for two weeks. That was a big mistake but I felt accomplished while I was at the gym.  When I walked Emmy I was waddling around like an 8-month pregnant lady.  The last 48-hours have been pretty painful.  I don't think I moved in my sleep much either.

So tonight I didn't want to have to do any difficult stirring.  I threw the last of my marinated veggies into the oven with French Fried Onions on top for some crunch.  By the time Nick got home, the chicken had come to temp enough for him to start cooking. We received a new grill pan as a gift and have been loving it especially now that it gets dark outside so quickly.

 photo null_zps9d3178d9.jpg
Well, the veggies look like mush here, but the French Fried Onions were actually
pretty crunchy.  

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