Thursday, March 08, 2012

Target Makeup Haul

One day after a very rough day at work I went to get some retail therapy.  It must have been the universe telling me that the week would end well because there was a makeup clearance at Target!


I REALLY like NYC's bronzer called Sunny (two on the left).  This is
a great bronzer for contouring.  I had heard that they might be discontinuing
it so I got two backups on clearance.  


Physician's Formula: Blushing Mocha
I don't particularly like this blush/bronzer.  I find that it's a little chalky, but the color
pay off is pretty good.  I do enjoy that it is a nice matte bronzer since many are quite

I particularly like the Covergirl single eyeshadows.  For less than $4 each, these have great color pay off and can carry their own weight if I wear them alone and without any primer.  

Top eyeshadow: Covergirl French Vanilla
Bottom eyeshadow: Covergirl Bedazzled Biscotti
Left lipstick: Loreal #760 Silverstone
Right lipstick: Loreal #402 Compelling Coral
I love Bedazzled Biscotti.  I wear this a lot on its own.  It picks up a lot of light
in the different areas in the eyes without me having to blend in lighter
or darker colors.  This is definitely a go-to color that I'm glad I picked up.

Right: Loreal Compelling Coral
Left: Loreal Silverstone


#800 Black
I do like this mascara because it does do what it claims.  It's very natural!
I don't find that this formula clumps up and it definitely separates my lashes
for that natural look while also enhancing the color.  I really like to wear this
on casual Friday's and weekends.  


I got these two simply because they were on clearance.  The pigmentation
is just so-so, but the are buildable if you want more color to your cheeks.
Left: #651 Riverside Rose
Right: #652 West Side Wine

I'm not a big powder person so this one is just okay.  I find
it to be a little bit chalky.  Good thing it was on sale. 

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