Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 2 of Cleanse

Welp, this didn't really happen.  I started out with a juice in the morning, but by noon, I had a Nation's Cheeseburger, grilled cheese, and chili fries in front of me.  I was feeling weak, unfocused, and seeing bright spots when I looked at my computer.  Not good.  I've heard that you get past this part when your body adjusts to the lack of food, but I don't want my body to have to adjust.  I want to cleanse, not starve myself.  So I'm back to eating normally.   One day was enough.

I am, however, going to borrow my Mom's Vitamix for a while to start juicing.  Nick and I agreed that it would probably be healthier for us to juice in the morning, have a large lunch, and then juice with a light dinner in the evening.  So I'm going to try to do that (and see how long it lasts).  We need a lifestyle change.  Last night we had Chick-fil-a.  Fast food will be our downfall.  I just love the junky stuff so much and it's so easy.  I had a juice and got a small sandwich for dinner.  I guess health wise, it's better than Taco Bell since the chicken actually looks recognizably like chicken. Thankfully, I haven't had enough of it yet to actually crave it.  Not really something to write home about.  I still prefer KFC and Popeye's. food will be the death of me, literally.

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