Monday, April 15, 2013

Emmy's Furcut

Every year Emmy gets a summer furcut and every year I have to post it because it's just too cute.  She always looks the same, but I still love to post pictures anyway. She looks so little!

 photo 2383684D-8EDA-4B30-9BEF-7735CC200784-3398-000002F86FDD094A_zpseee22138.jpg

 photo 12DA870E-FF35-4376-B547-91C05566A311-3398-000002F8552FE762_zpsf0e14385.jpg

 photo 57C5DA21-5BFD-46FC-8E90-D6BAB8163CE5-3398-000002F8679848EA_zps031f008b.jpg

 photo 75FEF729-D741-4D8F-8855-D8310AC8937A-3398-000002F811448C50_zpsb0da4bcd.jpg

 photo 0AD1397B-80B9-4697-B79B-EF36654E52F1-3398-000002F84C12E0BE_zps9bcb8a33.jpg

 photo C8797663-E31A-428C-9B7D-F0A46487EE4F-3398-000002F869B3BD3E_zpsb638b9bf.jpg
She hates going to the groomers so I picked up a couple
of special treats for her. 

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