Monday, April 08, 2013

Holy Toledo Batman! That's a lot of garbage!

As I said in one of my recent posts, we've been having a lot of wasted food lately.  It became even more  clear to me this weekend when I did a mass refrigerator clean out.  I practically had to throw everything away.  I found leftovers that I'm pretty sure were at least three weeks old.  Thankfully, those were all in sealed glass containers and surprisingly had no mold.  Well, visible mold anyway. I'm definitely on a mission to make only what we need since we are so bad at eating left overs.  My mom suggested putting leftovers in the freezer, but then they get lost in there and come out with freezer burn.  So instead of buying four proteins per week (I only really cook four times a week) I bought three.  I also only bought one large chicken breast to split in half instead of two large chicken breasts.  I don't really enjoy chicken breast that much, but buy it because I know it's better than red meat.  Usually I end up only eating my vegetables and leaving the chicken for Nick to take to work for lunch.  If it gets lost in the fridge, then it goes in the trash.

We may actually lose weight off of this "no waste" diet.  I think that's a pretty good diet to be on.  It almost made me sick seeing all that food go to waste.  The smell wasn't so hot either.  Good thing we have a garbage disposal.

 photo 468E3DE9-6FC0-4DEC-B85E-73632D729341-21184-000013E464A4D1E2_zpsae90819d.jpg
The trash can was already half full, but still, that's a lot of garbage.

 photo C8646255-6F77-43B0-9DEE-0049C9A77ED0-21184-000013E46695DD04_zpscc8987af.jpg

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