Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today's Lunch: April 14, 2013

For my little cousin's third birthday we headed out to Jen Jen's house for lunch.  I cannot express enough how much I love good catered Chinese food.  The fried chicken is the best.  I know it's not good for you, but I think I could eat it everyday and I don't like chicken all that much.  Everything that Jen Jen had was really tasty.  Times like these I wish I could eat more, but I just couldn't stuff more food into my stomach.

 photo 2BC21F3B-21D7-413A-BD6E-ED64DA2D6201-3398-000002F82CD0D1A9_zpsda7a6f87.jpg

 photo 38C9AE28-285C-4C7A-A4F4-B5AF29A7FD6B-3398-000002F82EA164AE_zps859ff62a.jpg

 photo CE25F6E1-8170-437F-A582-0A8939CD0018-3398-000002F81501F236_zps45c6d592.jpg

 photo CC97BBB3-5CCC-42CD-9343-CC54F3178AE5-3398-000002F813299643_zps5dc8e3d9.jpg
One of my aunt's is really good at making cupcakes so that the kids can decorate
them when they are together.  She has a Hello Kitty pancake mold that she used
with white cake mix.  Too cute!

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