Monday, April 29, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: April 26, 2013

As we get older I'm beginning to relish the fact that I'm still in my 20's.  Late 20's, but 20's nevertheless.  Nick had his 29th birthday today.  If you recall, I got him the whole hog butchering as a birthday gift, but I still wanted to take him out for his actual birthday.  He's been wanting to see the new G.I. Joe and I had been refusing to go with him for weeks.  I decided to be a good girl friend and get him surprise tickets and reservations to Bridges Restaurant (the restaurant from Mrs. Doubtfire) in Danville.  We did manage to make it to Bridges, but not the movie.  One of our good friends is moving to Bend, OR for good and Friday night was her last day in town.  Nick, being the good friend that he is, passed up the movie to hang out with her.  I wasn't too sorry about missing the movie.  We were able to get vouchers and he went with his Dad and Sister the next day.

I found Bridges to be underwhelming to say the least.  The ambiance and service was really good, but the food was mediocre at best.  My $30 steak wasn't worth $30.  Nick and I make better steaks than the one I got.  It was under seasoned and I didn't enjoy the bacon and potatoes that it was on top of.  The sauce was also too concentrated with an acidic-winey taste.  Our risotto was also under cooked and I found the fried oysters to be too meaty and slightly fishy for my taste.  The creme brulee, however, was quite good.

 photo 92FACE4D-A91D-4ECD-977A-9A48C8C7F3F3-7872-000007A5476D7DE3_zps82bb38ca.jpg
Fried Oysters

 photo B08DA86B-AA7B-4AA4-B79E-7D985A96F850-7872-000007A545375DAB_zps4b29e63c.jpg
Steak with cognac butter.  ( I took off the butter)

 photo E59BC7E0-D349-4881-ACE3-C22904B9F666-7872-000007A540F3A0DD_zps5130b093.jpg
Seared Tombo over forbidden rice.

 photo B718B8C2-7CFE-4731-A7BA-6A3DEAA271D8-7872-000007A5437E6C57_zps02fae802.jpg
Mushroom risotto

 photo 3E3CDF8C-53DC-4ADC-A034-0993E7FF2D45-7872-000007A53D2725FA_zps59cd6fa7.jpg
Espresso cocktail

 photo 4A14B431-AF90-422B-80EC-D33A073E8BCE-7872-000007A5398147DC_zps7f7a134e.jpg

 photo C0CD6052-9E32-4925-AED6-F5CC3E56710A-7872-000007A53B5A2040_zps8d79e40c.jpg
Creme Brulee

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The Bowers! said...

I've only been there once, back in high school. But I got the one-in pork chop and it was amazing. Best I'd ever had. It was HUGE, too.