Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: April 15, 2013

Happy Tax Day!  Work has been super busy which always makes me feel lazy once I get home (hence the lack of blogging this week.)  Plus, with our NWD I didn't go grocery shopping so that I could use up the random items that I had in our fridge.  It's working out fairly well.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to make dinner o just have leftovers. I decided to make something.

Tonight for dinner I busted out more quinoa since it's my new favorite seed and very easy to make.  I am enjoying trying different spices mixed in. I added a sprinkle of cloves and all spice while cooking it with low sodium beef stock.  It came out much darker in color and had a very rich flavor.  Nick thought that it would be strangely like a holiday cookie, but the flavors mellowed out quite a bit. I also roasted up cauliflower and beets to go with a roasted honey-mustard chicken breast.

 photo 289B1A75-9D2B-42C1-9DA1-64F60A067B36-6299-000005CFD0237175_zps1a5ea885.jpg

 photo C4779AFB-67F3-4334-B464-5B5809EB5FEF-6299-000005CFCE1B45F8_zpsec06d373.jpg

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