Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: April 22, 2013

I decided last week that after I got back from Vegas this weekend that I would go on a three-day juice cleanse.  Well, when I got back on Sunday afternoon, Whole Foods didn't have any of the juices that I wanted.  So we weren't able to start the cleanse today as planned, but I did make a great "goodbye to solid food for three days" meal. In actuality, we will be starting on Wednesday because I had a really nice administrative lunch planned for Tuesday.  I bought the juice though, which isn't cheap mind you, so this will be happening. Nick has begrudgingly agreed to do the cleanse with me so that we can support one another in the process. Lets just hope that with the moods I get into when I'm food deprived that it won't break us up!  I just keep telling myself that it's only for three days and that it will make me feel amazing.

 photo 16796AA2-E3E9-445C-A16B-59A6AF526110-1817-000001BC123B9C15_zpsf14087a3.jpg

For dinner I made us a giant pile of garlic noodles and seafood.  We will be eating all of the noodles for dinner on Tuesday also so that we don't have so much waste.  Thankfully, I was able to make most of the vegetables that I had in the fridge so that we won't have so much going bad. We did pretty well last week with our NWD.

 photo AEE6D386-B416-4C42-891F-582692E76C99-1817-000001BC2B23026A_zps1e41d7b6.jpg

 photo 839693E7-C4B6-482B-B433-107F0CD55F3D-1817-000001BC0F797F25_zpsf3a64cc5.jpg

 photo 652B13F4-D053-46D9-9E07-3A343CE646B1-1817-000001BBEE7271BD_zps571f14a9.jpg

 photo 98766F07-15AE-4A18-80A3-07E2CAB9A498-1817-000001BC099DB279_zps0cab83ca.jpg
Double scallops.  I was extremely excited. 

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