Friday, October 17, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: October 12, 2014

The last few weeks I haven't had the best luck with keeping our grocery bill low so this week I tapped into our frozen meats to make sure that they got used and keep our cost down.  We have quite a few packets of chain meat left from when we did the Chateaubriand for our Spanish-style meals. We packaged them individually and put them in the freezer for safe keeping.  I took out the larger of the packets to thaw for chili.  It was a pretty warm day, but I don't have time on weeknights to make such a time consuming meal.  The preparation of the chili isn't difficult, but it takes a long time for it to cook down and taste like a slow-cooked chili.  It's the perfect dish for a Sunday dinner.  Since this was going to be the star of our meal, I simply made a couple of baked potatoes as a vehicle for the chili and cheese. Nick and I actually shared the potato in the picture below.  When we eat full salads before the main meal it really cuts down on our entree intake.

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