Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: October 2, 2014

Tonight was an easy dinner.  During my really productive Sunday I had preprepared a lasagna.  I was trying something a little different.  A lot of times I don’t make lasagna because I don’t want to have to preboil the pasta and I rarely have the no-boil variety in my pantry.  I thought that maybe since it was being prepared ahead of time that I could use regular noodles that require boiling and not actually boil them.  My thought was that the pasta sauce would eventually soften the noodles.  I then read on that some people do this all the time and never boil their noodles.  That convinced me enough to try.  Plus, by then I was running out of energy.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I’m never boiling my noodles again. The noodles came out perfectly.  I really dislike when they are fat and saturated after being boiled and then baked.  The noodles cooked all the way through.  It also made it so much easier to not have to mess with floppy, sticky lasagna noodles that tear at the lightest touch.  I simply laid the raw noodles down like how I would if they were cooked and stuck it in the fridge. Later on in the week I baked it like normal and it was delicious.

I had left over pizza sauce that I put on the lasagna before I baked. It was a great addition.  I also used a yogurt curd cheese that is lactose free. It melted really well and Nick and I weren’t uncomfortable after eating.  This lasagna was a major win. 



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