Monday, November 06, 2006

Austin's Impatience

Okay, well since Austin can't wait for me to have an interesting day, he wants me to make something up. So here it all goes. Take note that it is all fictional.

This morning I woke up to the weak rays of sunlight fighting its way through our pale pink curtains. Rubbing my eyes, I looked blearily out the window to find our deck covered in a thick layer of snow. Cringing, I wiggle my body further into the warmth of the covers making a mental note to myself to have Ed put up the storm door. Reaching over, I turn on our small TV with a push of a button. The Wiggles are on. Watching the four seemingly homosexual men dance around, I find it hard to believe that I was once young enough to enjoy entertainment like this.

Opting to only get out of bed to enclose myself in the warmth of the library and save money, I throw my clothes in the dryer and get ready to go out. With Harry Potter in my bag I trudge through the snow and frosty air. Harry and I spend hours riding brooms and dealing with Professor Umbridge until our bellies rumble. Saying goodbye to Harry, he fits snuggly into my bag as I tromp through the snow yet again. Trails from other snow-goers litter the ground in an array of directions.

Preparing a feast of Top Ramen and hot water, I shut myself in my room again where I can stay warm. Discovering's generous video streaming feed, I become engrossed in Grey's Anatomy until my very own College Indy rudely interrupts me. Pestering me until I finally give in, I write a piece on the day that I could have had if in fact there was snow. So here we all are, reading my relaxing day on our glowing screens. I hope you enjoyed it.

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