Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My new site

Okay, so I finally caved into Creative Memories direct ship thing. At first I didn't think that I needed the website, but now that I'm moving back and forth between California and New York I need it. Direct ship is basically what it sounds like. My customers can go directly onto my website and order what they want. I had to buy my own website so that I could have this option, but if it gets me more sales then I guess it will be worth it. With having a small client base at home it will be easier to keep in contact with them and say that they can go to my website and download. Plus I think that the shipping is cheaper. So here is the address for you all to check out. The site isn't all that great, but it was easy to do. The company has all that stuff set up for computer dumbo's like me. Right now I'm still trying to figure it all out myself. I haven't even had it for half and hour yet, but I thought I'd put it up for you guys. Ciao!

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