Sunday, November 26, 2006

The difference between me and my mom

Early tonight I took Christopher out to get colored duck tape to decorate his trumpet case. After he finished, he had a strip left over. We had just watched a martial arts show with my dad so he took the strip of paper and wrapped it around his head and said that he was a samurai. I told him that he was going to be sorry when the tape got stuck in his hair, but it came right out. Then he put it on like it was a head band. By this time I had already walked away. Then I heard it. He was yelling because he pushed it down and it got stuck in his hair. He came running into my room and I immediately started laughing. He kept trying to get it out and pulling his hair. Then he asked where it was stuck. This is where my mom and I differ. She would have helped him where as I grabbed my camera. He then ran away from me and wouldn't let me get a picture of it. Never fear, I got a video instead. Between the two of us laughing, he managed to cut it out with an exacto knife. Later on when I asked him if I could use his speakers to take a shower he looked at me and said "no, you wanted to take a picture." I laughed and walked out with the speakers anyways. If anyone would like to see this video let me know. I don't think I actually got a good look at the tape stuck in his hair, but the commentary is funny...well to me anyways. Here is a picture of the aftermath. It's out of focus because I was laughing too hard to take a good one.

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