Thursday, November 16, 2006

The boys and girls club & Pride and Prejudice

Well, today was my last day of volunteering at the Troy Boys and Girls club until January. It was kind of nice because the girls didn't want me to go. The guy who runs the program sat in the room with me today and we talked pretty much the whole time about the West Caribbean cruise. Apparently he went on it last Easter. So the girls just scrapbooked and listened as we babbled on and on about how great cruises are. When he got called away to go do something else when it was about time to clean up. So when I told the girls to start putting their stuff away they were like "Noo! Pat needs to come back to talk to you more so you won't leave!" I was touched to say the least. I just kept saying that I'd be back and it wasn't the last time that they would see me. Besides, they'll probably forget about me by next week. Haha. They're sweet girls and I have fun making little embellishments for them. The journaling that they do is awesome... one of the girls said:
"This is me and my mom. This is me and my mom when
I was a baby. I love my mom."
It's cute, but they're going to look back and be like, haha look how silly I used to be.

Last night we stayed up pretty late watching the new version of Pride and Prejudice. I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed. My favorite scene, the one where Mr. Darcy proposes and insults Lizzy at the same time, was in a totally different location than the book and previous film. I also thought that the guy who played Mr. Darcy was too much of a pretty boy. When I watched the director’s comments he had said that they were looking for someone who didn't look like a wusy pants/pretty boy, which made me laugh since I think that he is. Plus, he lets his mouth hang open which drives me nuts. Logan on Veronica Mars does that and I can't stand it. One of these days a fly is going to buzz right on in. Anyways, I don't think that they hit hard enough on the value of Love in the movie. The book displays not only romantic love, but a strong bond between family and love for one self. There was definitely romantic love, but neither of the latter. At one point, the director said that he didn't care for one of Mr. Darcy's lines because it "sounded to much like Jane Austen." I was like, "Dude! What are you trying to direct then? Shrek?" I mean, come on.

Edward thought that the love story was too predictable, but I don't think so. I can see where he's coming from, but there are so many stories and movies with love stories based off of this one that it's like, well this is the original. Well, I don't know for a fact that this was the first love story of its kind, but it is one of the earliest and most well known. I love the story simply because Lizzy and Mr. Darcy are just so human. They're actions and thoughts, well Elizabeth's thoughts, are just so realistic that you can't help but relate to what she's going through. The feelings that she had for Jane are just so strong it's amazing. Elizabeth’s character is very round. She hits all points of emotion hard. I mean, look at how she loathes Mr. Collins! Her range of emotion just hits home hard. She is definitely not a flat character. I personally think she’s one of the best character’s ever written. (And that’s saying a lot since I’m in love with Harry Potter.) But seriously, she just a strong character that has flaws that are easy to relate to. Anywho, this movie didn't show how close Lizzy and Jane’s bond was. The director said that Jane Austen had written in to many letters between them and that it would make the movie boring, but I think that the lack of letters gashed a gapping hole in the believability of era as well as their relationship. Their friendship was extremely close. I mean, these girls didn't have email or blogs like we do to keep in touch. Geez. I think that putting the content of the letters in would have helped viewers to realize the close bond between the two girls even more. You just saw letters in hands, but we didn't hear what the letters said.

Eh, I'd give it a C. It might be a harsh grade, but I love the book too much to give it any better. It didn't do Jane Austen justice. Hmm... I think I'll read it again while I'm home. Everyone can always do for a little more love in their lives.

"When Love is suppressed, Hate takes its place."
- Havelock Ellis
"The Meaning of Purity" (3), Little Essays on Love and Virtue, 1922

This quote is just too perfect to describe Elizabeth and Darcy. Compliments of my wonderful Quotionary that I got for $10 at Borders.

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