Monday, November 13, 2006

New Project room: Vespertilio Turris Corridor

Vespertilio Turris Corridor (Vampire corridor)

Windowless and dry, this corridor is flanked with rough wooden panels. The smell of pine lingers in the cool air. A small breeze flows in from the south exit where there is a small beam of light. No other light is afforded in this pitch-black portion of the hall, as a vampire has no need for light. Those who enter must run their hand against the walls to find their way through. The corridor is silent aside from the hollow sound of footsteps and breathing of the path-taker. Halfway through the passageway, an object that feels like a stone drinking fountain is affixed to the wall. When touched, the fountain automatically spouts liquid. From the northeast, a rancid smell wafts through the air where another ill-omened area lies.

Extended Descriptions

Wooden Panels Rough Flanked Smell Pine
The smell of pine engulfs the corridor in a faux winter smell. Working to calm those who enter, the scent allows the mind to relax without suspecting danger. Surrounded by darkness, the unsuspecting walker uses a hand to guide their way through the hall. The roughness of the wood easily sends splinters into the soft pads of fingertips while a pale figure approaches from behind. Distracted by the painful splinters, the walker does not hear the soft footsteps behind them. The wooden walls were put up for more than calming the mind; they are also highly effective for muting screams.
Pitch-black Portion

There is no light in the corridor, as a vampire has no need for light. The darkness provides a veil for the quiet predator and the poor adventurer does not realize that they have just walked into a trap.

Drinking Fountain Liquid

This strange drinking fountain turns on to the lightest touch and is available for the inhabiting vampire. Odd as it may seem to an intruder, the fountain provides a steady stream of blood for a dry vamp.

Well, here is yet another Azkaban area. Ah, I love Azkaban. The ideas just come out like water from a faucet. I had made the wood walls pine and then the idea of a sound muffler just popped into my head. It was awesome. I played with the idea of having the wood panels stop and continue on to a lifted ceiling where the vampires sit on top to watch their prey, but that didn't work because I wanted to idicate the high ceiling with echoes. Since the wood would work to stop the screams it didn't seem possible for measly footsteps to cause such an echo. So I figured that since the vampire could see in the dark anyways, he or she could just move around to avoid being touched by the walker. I also intended for the fountain to have a bigger role, but it turned out not to. I wanted the walker to put their fingers in it and discover that it was blood, but I liked the idea of food for dry spells instead. I wonder if there is some way that I can incorporate dread into the description. It's hard since it has to be from a distant third person narrator. If I end up making any signifcant change I'll repost this. I bet you never knew how much thought goes into these little paragraphs, did you? The last few Azkaban's that I wrote had some research in them as well as the rain barrel area. I still think that one is way too boring.

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