Monday, November 06, 2006

Object training

I just finished with an object training lessons with the Project. So not only will you be seeing my rooms, but you'll be seeing random ojects that I create and manipulate. Woo hoo! I hate those trainings, but it expands my writing in the end. I don't have to do that much computer-ish stuff, but all of the special codes are hard to remember. I have to write all the directions down word for word. Eh. I'm just glad that this will look good on my resume as well as actually improve my descriptive writing skills. Hopefully I'll be inspired to write more rooms. I just did the rain barrel, but I haven't finished the extended descriptions. I haven't felt creative the last couple of days so I'm not too happy with what I wrote for the barrel. Maybe it's the lack of Edward time that has me down. You can probably tell by the lack of creativity in my fictional day that I wrote for Austin. Hopefully something will happen that'll make me start writing like a maniac. Last time waiting for the bus did me good.

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