Sunday, November 26, 2006

Picture gallery

Here are a bunch of pictures that I took over the last few days. I'll try to put a brief description for them, but some don't need a whole lot.

Thanksgiving at Uncle Jimmy's

My Uncle Jimmy has gotten into painting in the last few years. He keeps getting better and better. This is just one of the many pictures that I took of his pictures.

Look how cool this french bread is! This was the one that I was talking about.
Every year the Chew clan gets smaller and smaller. With everyone being married they have to pick and choose which holidays to go to. At least Christmas will be a big dinner. Since there weren't a bunch of people, there was a ton of food left over. I think that the turkey was 24lbs. It was HUGE!
Auntie Sylvia's Brussels sprouts that I've been raving about for the last two weeks.
Me and Christopher.

I ate the most out of everyone. Look how big my stomach got. I gained 3lbs this night.

Drinking at Time Out/Two Left Feet show

Shanna and me.
Poor Tim was the only non Concord High person here. He did well. He crashed at our place so that he didn't have to drive home. In the morning he was like "How did I get my pj pants on?" I just laughed because I didn't think that he was that drunk.

Dan Jordan, guitarist of Two Left Feet, rocking out. I actually knew 3/4 of the band since I went to school with them. The lead singer could have been my high school flame. Actually a couple guys that were into me/I was into, were there that night. Dan signed the album that I bought. He asked what to put and I told him to sign it like he would my yearbook. So Tim told him to put "Have a good summer." I thought it was quite funny. It was a good time.
Gary, me and Tim. You can't see it, but I was kicking Tim to get out of the picture. My friends are goofs. Shanna was popping into the picture that I took with Tim. Anyways, Gary got so drunk that I actually had to slap him to get him to awake up so I could take him inside.

Thanksgiving at Uncle Daniel's
Erika is just sooo cute!
Natalee and Jenjen making funny faces.
The two "little" boys. Apparently Jonathan isn't supposed to be a kid anymore. What? He's only 30.
Three of the girls.
Speed Scrabble! A game that we picked up on the Caribbean cruise.

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