Saturday, November 04, 2006

Last nights game

Last nights hockey game was amazing. In the last 45 seconds Princeton scored a third goal so that we were tied. They thought that they had caught us, but noooo. With 12.6 seconds to go in overtime we scored a goal! We were so excited and I was jumping everywhere. I thought that I was going to fall down the stairs. Andile enjoyed it too. In the beginning Ed said that every time someone got checked he would go "ooh". It was a very exciting game with a final score of 4 to 3.

After, we were pretty hyped up and went over to Dan and Katie's to celebrate Katie's birthday. We had a good time, though the cats really started to get to me after a while. They're so cute, but they kick up my asthma and sneezing.

I finished my cruise scrapbook a couple of days ago. It turned out pretty well. I'm excited to show everyone. Poor Ed had to see it every time I made new pages. I also got my first storybook in the mail yesterday. It turned out well also.

Julie made my day yesterday by sending me a nice hat and scarf. It's so cold here I was sitting in bed with the hat on. The note that came with it was from Ruby! I was very pleased with that. We saw a Ruby look-a-like in the mall the other day. She is so cute, but she was like $1200. I really want a puppy. I just asked the landlord if we could get one after the holidays, but she hasn't responded yet. She finally moved her car and now I feel bad about asking her for something else. Oh well.

Anyways, today we're going to see AFI! Can you believe it? Finally! We've waited a long time for this day to finally come. Those guys are ridiculously hard to get tickets to. Yay for AFI!!

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