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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Day 5

On our second day in KL, we started it off with a hearty meal at a local food court.  There were so many options to choose from that we tried our best to get a taste of everything.  I picked a minced beef meatball noodle soup simply because the cook had great knife skills with his green onions.  It was a very good choice.  The meatballs were unlike any I've ever had and the minced beef in the soup was very flavorful.  Turns out that a lot of other people like him too!  On the side of his stand that I couldn't see from the front were many different newspaper articles about his minced beef soup.  Even after trying other minced beef noodles throughout the rest of our trip, his were definitely the best.  I've gained some serious weight on this trip.  After the soup noodles I also ordered a quater of a roasted duck, which was equally as delicious and satisfying. 

They had size small women's shirts that say I
Heart Food.  I wish they came in a bigger size
because I definitely can't fit a size small right

Minced beef noodles.  This was SO delicious.  I need to find
a recipe.
Duck, duck, duck...mmmm

Roasted duck

Nick got jook with fried pig intestines.  It was pretty good and
tasted like pork rhines.  If I wasn't about to burst from my 1/4 of
a duck and bowl of minced beef noodles, I would have gotten
a bowl of this myself. 
Dennis got some Portugese custard tarts that looked a lot like
the Chinese Dan Tat.
Dennis' clay pot
Melissa's Chicken Rice

Fried dough balls

I found these while wandering around the
grocery store in the food court.

After stuffing with our faces with tons of food for breakfast, we got on a Hop-on/Hop-off bus to see the sites.  I love these kinds of tour busses.  They are comfortable, well air conditioned, and the narration is interesting enough to keep me awake.  Plus, it's an inexpensive way to see cities as well as get around as you generally buy a 24 to 72 hour pass.  
Nick and his sister always do jumping pictures in front of
landmarks.  I finally got to do one with them.

This is the King and Queen's castle.

Pretty cool looking arch way. 

Here are some pictures as we rolled through Kuala Lumpur.  We didn't stop at all of them so I'm not sure what everything is, but the building structure is fantastic.

This was at Little India.  You'll notice that a lot of my pictures
have a ton of Malaysian flags.  We thought that people were
very patriotic, but it turns out that it was National Day week.
National Day is pretty much the Malaysian version of the 4th
of July when they seceded from the British.

Central Market where there are a lot of little
souvenir shops. 
I thought this was ridiculously cool.  To alert
traffic that there is road work being done, there
are robots dressed in clothes to wave a flag.
Mr. and Mrs. Fong

The famous Petronas Towers. These two towers
were the tallest towers in the world until 2004
at 88 floors.

After hopping off the bus we headed into the mall that was beneath the Pertronas Towers. Like I said before, all of the malls connect to things!  It makes it very simple.  We were able to walk from the mall to the large convention center and then through an air conditioned above ground walk way.  While in the mall, however, we had to eat. ...Again. This time we went to McDonalds.  Yes, McDonalds.  For the readers who have traveled abroad (or even throughout the US for that matter), I'm sure you know that Mcy-D's changes their menu to meet the tastes of it's clients.
GCB "Grilled Chicken Burger" that Nick thought was quite
tasty.  There was ketchup served at the counter, but we all
pumped ourselves chili sauce. 

Dennis' spicy fried chicken.  It was pretty darn spicy and I
can handle spicy food!

My Spicy Fried Chicken sandwich, which I wished that I told
them no mayo.  After scraping it off it was quite spicy and tasty.

There was a whole kiosk for durian.  Nick and
I were walking a little bit ahead of the group and
I literally ran back to Mr. Fong to tell him what we

Durian mochi!  Why would anyone make such a thing?!

I love Mrs. Fong's face. 

So happy.

The scent of the durian is pretty self contained
within the mochi.  As soon as Mr. Fong bit into
it, the stench wafted around us. 

Okay, the HTML is all wonky for our restaurant pictures so I can't add captions so I'll give a brief description here.  This is why I didn't major in Computer Science.  For dinner we went to Palace Group in the Pavilion Mall across the street from the JW.  The food was delicious and the decore very pretty.  It was actually set up for a wedding, but it looked like it had been left up from the previous weekend.  We started our dinner with a bucket of beers and then moved on to chicken wings, pork rinds and green beans.  To amp it up, we had a fabulous appetizer of foie gras and abalone.  Sorry that pictures aren't in order and I can't add captions.  So frustrating!  But it's the dish with a little brown triangle on the right, broccoli and a triangle with a round suction cup in the middle.  Bah.  Anyway, the dinner was fantastic and we literally waddled back to the hotel after getting mochi in Little Tokyo.

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