Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: September 21, 2012

I had been looking forward to this dinner all week.  We had made reservations to take the Fongs to La Folie for dinner as a thank you for our Malaysia/Singapore trip. It was amazing, though amazingly expensive.  It's a good thing we only go on family trips once a year. 

We all decided to order the five-course meals.  It was so much food that we actually had to bring some home.  The dinner started off with three amuse-bouches that were delicious.  I particularly liked the soft egg yolk with tomato soup.  We next headed to all of our ordered courses.  The way that they set up the menu is pretty standard, soup/salad, appetizer, seafood, poultry/meat, and dessert/cheese.  We were able, however, to pick five selections from any category with the exception of the poultry/meat.  I don't think we could have finished five meats anyhow.  Everything served was extremely heavy except for maybe the salads.  I ordered three seafood dishes as I figured that it would give me the most bang for my buck. 

Fig tart amuse-bouche

Soft boiled egg yolk mixed with a creamy tomato
soup.  That is a thin potato chip on top.  The
spoon is to mix the yolk and soup together inside
the shell.  It also came with a small piece of toasted
bread, but I ended up using my baguette because it
was so delicious and I wanted it all. 

Salmon lollie pops. 

Oyster, scallop ceviche and kampachi sashimi.  The waitress
specifically said to eat from left to right because of the flavor

Monterey abalone and uni salad. 

My burrata salad.  I could have had this and it would have been
enough. The fresh burrata was extremely light for being heavy. I'm
not sure if that makes sense, but the cheese was very light and
refreshing while also being very filling and a little heavy because
there was so much.  The heirloom tomatoes were really fresh and
tasty.  I like that they roasted the skins to put on top of the burrata.
Nick got the marrow bone stuff with escargot.
I think what they do is cook the marrow bone to
extract the marrow.  Then they mix the escargot
with the marrow, stuff it back in, and then put it
in the oven to bake.   

Pig feet and sweetbread lobster terrine. 

My lobster and mushroom risotto was amazing.  There were
large chunks of lobster claw meat in a tomato based risotto.
It was extremely rich and filling. 

Since Nick is allergic to lobster, he got the roasted wild Alaskan
halibut over a corn fondue. 

Seared sea scallops with sweetbreads.  I don't think I've ever
knowingly eaten sweetbreads before, but I love them.   They
were neatly nestled on top of a large sea scallop that was cut
in half and separated by perfectly cooked potatoes.  It was like
a scallop/potato layer cake.  On the side is a smear of carrots
that was seasoned with curry.  I liked the brown sauce under
the scallop, but didn't think that the curry flavored carrots
really went with the dish.  I ate it anyway.  

Butter poached lobster on a pea raviolo.  This was my fourth
dish and by this time I was so full that I could barely enjoy it.
I did manage to eat the lobster and half of the raviolo.  Mr.
Fong had to help me out with the raviolo. 

Front view of the poached lobster. 
For my last selection I got the trio of rabbit loin, rack, and
braised leg.  I can't believe they Frenched the bones on the
rack of rabbit.  It was mighty tasty, but I did need a to-go box.

La Folie is pretty famous for their quail and squab.  Melissa
and Mrs. Fong got this.  In the back you can see a little pastry
basket with a quail egg perched. 
Mr. Fong got the lamb rack with ratatouille.  Lamb is usually
my immediate choice, but I don't often see rabbit on menus
so I chose to branch out this time.  The lamb was certainly

A palette cleanser. 
Nick opted for his fifth selection to be the chocolate bread
pudding for dessert. 
As a last gift from the chef, they brought out this complimentary
dessert plate.   I could have gone for another egg with tomato

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