Friday, September 07, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Day 7

For our last day in Kuala Lumpur, we headed back to the food court with the amazing minced beef noodle soup.  I've been longing for it since we've been back.  It was so simple and delicious. Come to think of it, there are many dishes that I've been pining over this week.  
I got chicken rice with pork belly and bbq pork.

Dennis got a combo of the pork.
BBQ pork pizza.  
After eating our breakfast, we headed back to the JW to finish packing up and take naps before our next train ride (bleh) down to Singapore.  We had a lot of time to spare between check-out and the 11pm train so we all went our separate ways for a while.  The Aunties and Melissa went to get mani-pedis, the boys went to go find Mr. Fong more durian, and I went shopping.  No surprise there.

I had been debating on getting my parents a figurine from Swarovski as a thank you gift (they paid for my trip), but was hesitant because I knew that we still had a bumpy train ride and plane to get back on.  After seeing the packaging, I was convinced that it wouldn't break during our pilgrimage to Singapore.  It made it just fine and my parents really like it.

I got them Swarovski's 25 year
Crystal Society Anniversary dragon.
Earlier on in our trip Dennis had said to Mr. Fong, "You need a beer, don't you?"  Mr. Fong's response was, "No, I need a durian."  Welp, he got it!

Nick trying durian.

The flies love it too.

We got back together around 3pm and headed to a local bar area right outside the Pavilion Mall to people watch.  There are a lot of interesting outfits as there are a ton of tourists in this area. We had see a couple drinking from a large tower after walking around after our Hopper bus and it had been in my head ever since.  I'm not sure where you can get these in the US.  Maybe Yardhouse?  

While sitting around our beer tower, we got a large whiff of durian.  We all started to look around to see where it was coming from.

All: We smell durian. Where is it?
Melissa: Someone is smuggling it into the mall.  (Laughter and no durian in sight.)
Melissa: Dad, did you burp?
Mr. Fong: *innocent voice* I don't know, maybe?
Melissa: You're drinking beer! You burped!
Mr. Fong: *innocent voice* I don't know, maybe? *grins*
Oh man, I'm going to enjoy being part of this family.

I had to get this.  When in Rome...
Dreaming of durian
For dinner we had planned to take our time at DTF before catching a taxi to the train station.  We got some family style dumplings, but decided to all get our own bowls of soup instead of sharing.

Nick's bbq pork
My shrimp wonton soup.
Melissa's vegetable wonton soup
Hot and sour noodles

Look how cute these little dessert balls are!

Other noteable quotes:

On Day 5 in KL we were riding around looking at the sites in the Hopper bus.  There was a large bird sanctuary that the tour guide was boasting about.  We had pulled up to a building and thought that maybe it was the giant bird house.

Dennis:  Is this the bird park?
Mr. Fong: It's a museum.
Dennis: Of birds?
Mr. Fong: Of Birds? Like T-Rex?
Mel: T-Rex is a dinosaur.
Mr. Fong: T-Rex has legs like birds.

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