Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Day 6

I love having birthdays on vacation.  It makes it just a little more special and helps take the burn off the fact that you're just going to keep getting older.  Today was our third full day in Kuala Lumpur.  I had booked myself a Malaysian style massage at the JW so it was a pretty relaxed day.  We started out with going to the Central Market to look at the shops and fruit stands.  Besides eating and sleeping, I think shopping is my next favorite thing to do.  After getting off the Hopper bus, we mosied around and found ourselves at a KFC.  I swear there are more KFCs in Malaysia and Singapore than in California.  We wanted to see if it was any different, but were disappointed.  KFC was not as good as McDonalds.  For how many KFCs there were, we were surprised at how lack luster their food was.

Breakfast burrito and terrible, terrible coffee.
Breakfast chicken sandwich.

I did a good portion of my souvenir shopping at the Central Market, which resembled and indoor flea market except that everything was new. Again, it was air conditioned which helped to keep us there to shop.  Mrs. Fong also bought herself a very "Asian Mom"visor.  

Nick rocking the visor. 
After the Central Market, we stopped at a fruit stand for the Fongs and Lees to buy fruit.  I have no idea what the brown fruit is below, but they looked interesting so I had to take a picture.  There were flies landing all over them so we didn't buy any, but by the fly population I'm going to assume that it's a relatively stinky fruit.  I don't know why anyone would think to even eat anything as armadillo-like as this.  I suppose people probably eat armadillos somewhere in the world so this could be why someone would try this fruit.

Boba drink carry case
After rushing back to the hotel so that I could make it on time for my massage, Nick and I headed to the downstairs portion of the JW for drinks at one of the many cool looking bars.  This particular bar played American music videos on their flat screens.  We couldn't help but sit there and catch up on music videos that we had forgotten that people still make.  Does MTV even play them anymore?

How cool are these lanterns that the bar had hanging all over
the place?  I had to use my flash so that you could actually see
the lanterns, but they created a pretty orange ambiance. 

For dinner we had made reservations to go back to the suckling pig restaurant.  It was a fantastic birthday dinner.

They wanted to make sure that we had red in everything for luck.

Nick was being silly and put a red pepper on my wet hand cloth.

I can't even express how much I love this pig
intestine soup. It is so peppery and delicious.

Jumbo garlic prawns

Hello Pumba.

We had seen another family get this kind of
chicken the last time that we came.  It looks
like a fancier version of beer-can chicken.  We
all decided that we liked their chicken rice better,
but this chicken was very tasty also. 

Houston, I'm ready for take off!

Bok bok

Singapore is famous for their Chili Crab where it was first invented
by an old Singaporean woman.  I have to say that the Malays did
a fantastic job of replicating it.  I spent most of my dinner eating
crab.  I had to have had at least one of the three crabs to myself.
Luckily for me, Nick doesn't like to be bothered with cracking crab.
These buns came with the crab to soak up the sauce.  We had
to order a second portion because it was so soft and delicious.

Doing work!
Fried rice that I barely ate because I was too busy eating crab.
Longevity noodles.  This I had to eat because it was specially
ordered for me.  On your birthday you are supposed to eat long
noodles, I believe they're classically supposed to be one long
noodle, but it represents a long life. 
Because we were such good customers the time before,
 (we spent a lot) the staff surprised me with an Asian style
sponge cake.  I actually like Asian sponge cake because it's
not very sweet.  You can see that Mrs. Fong was just as surprised
as I was.  I thought it was very sweet and was touched.  Definitely
recommending this place if anyone is going to Kuala Lumpur.

Once we got back to the hotel we all waddled back down to the Turkish style bar for drinks and music videos.  

Dennis got a vodka cranberry.  It's pretty cool that they give
you the juice on the side so that you can make it to your preferred

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