Saturday, September 08, 2012

Singapore: Day 8

On our first day into Singapore we slept most of the day.  Trains definitely don't make for good sleep.  It was so noisy and the motion definitely didn't help.  It's a good thing that we put t-shirts over the pillows because I noticed in the morning the pillows were being held together by pins! Needless to say, I was pretty tired by the time we got to the hotel.  Of course, after dropping off our luggage, we headed to a nearby food court for some breakfast.  I had forgotten my camera in the room so there aren't any pictures of what we got, but it was pretty standard jook and noodles.  

Our first stop after eating was to an MRT
window to get our three-day passes for the metro.
I thought this card was so cute!  Why can't BART
have cute cards like this?

We stayed at the Royal Plaza on Scotts Rd. in Singapore.  It was a little far from the main area that we were visiting, but the metro system was so outstanding that it didn't really matter.  
I know I look like such a tourist as soon as I whip out my camera
to take pictures of the hotel lobbies, but these are my memories!
Our room

Nick needed some coffee and all of the drinks in the room were
complimentary.  We definitely took advantage of the coffee and
beer.  Nick's Aunt was taking her beer and stuffing it into her
suitcase for me so that they would replenish it daily.  I had so
much beer on my hands that I wasn't able to drink it all.  That
must be a first.
We took a hefty nap before heading out to the Golden Mile hawker center that we had seen on No Reservations.  As if we weren't asking for heart attacks before, we are now.  We ordered two giant plates of mutton marrow bones and then some.  

Before we even figured out what we wanted to eat, Mr. and
Mrs. Fong finished a plate of fish.
More chicken rice.  Nick enjoyed the chicken rice here the best
even though we later went on to have it at a renown food
We wanted to try the two competing stand's mutton marrow
bones.  I actually preferred the more savory white dish flavor,
but the blue dish had better bones.  Everyone had at least one.
I had five.  In my defense, I had ordered this for myself to have
as my meal, where as everyone else ordered multiple things.
We were literally sucking the marrow out of the bones with

The color of the mutton stained everything
including our fingers.  I dripped some on my
purse.  It's a good thing that I had my Tide Pen
All this food for three people!
The Lee family's clay pots.
Look how clean the metro station is.
After the Golden Mile, we headed to the famous Marina Sands to watch the water and light show.  We sat across the marina so that we could see the hotel better, but we were a bit too far away to see the actual light show. It was a nice, balmy night though so it was nice to get out and see the sites. 

On the left in red is the Art and Science museum where they
were holding a Harry Potter exhibition.  The tall building is
the Marina Sands.   
The financial district.

The Singapore F1 track!

When we got back to the hotel all of the candles in the lobby
were lit.  I thought it was pretty cool. 

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