Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: September 18, 2012

Nick has been talking about a new video game release for the last week and a half.  It finally released yesterday so I knew that I would be losing my fiance to the TV for the rest of the week.  Since I knew he would be engrossed in shooting aliens (or whatever they are) like he was a character from Starship Troopers, I wanted to get pizza.  I've been getting a lot of pizza cravings since our trip to Malaysia.  But, to save money I cooked dinner instead.  I had a Costco pack of pork tenderloin defrosting in the fridge, a cauliflower that needed to be eaten and pre-made curry packets that I was avoiding because I prefer using blocks of curry.  I also had been wanting to make a seaweed soup and now that it's a little cooler I figured that it was a good time to do it.  I realized while plating that everything I made was either white or brown.  Not so pretty, but it was a pretty balanced meal.

Nick recruited Christopher.  I watched Downton Abbey while they played.  Every
once in a while I would say something, get a long pause, and then Nick would
comment.  He's gotten pretty good a half listening to me.  Christopher was silent.
I guess he hasn't picked up that skill yet.  That's some intense concentration.
I made them a peach puree with apple/grape
juice.  I just used frozen peaches and added
the juice in my Magic Bullet until I got the
consistency of a thick juice.

Curry pork tenderloin.  I just dumped the packets on top of the pork.  Easy and
tasty, but I didn't like that there were bits of vegetable in the sauce.  That weirded
us out a little so we avoided them. 
Extra curry sauce
Roasted cauliflower and garlic
Steamy seaweed soup with extra firm tofu.  Lately my allergies have been kicking
up so my throat is sore from drainage (lovely) and breathing with my mouth open
(lovlier).  All my coworkers need is a mouth breather on their hands. I was inspired
by that pig stomach soup in Malaysia so I added about 2 tbsp of  white pepper,
which made it nice and spicy.  Christopher was having a hard time with it, but I loved it.
 It's probably not the best thing for a sore throat, but the flavor is really what matters
to me most. 


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