Thursday, February 13, 2014

Emmy's Birthday Steak

Emmy is doing pretty well.  I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t know that anything is wrong.  I made her a birthday steak last night as she just turned nine.  She looks pretty darn happy.  (The steak was on a dessert plate and about the size of my fist.  I didn’t use any oil on the pan or seasoning.) I believe her actual birthday is sometime in January, but I had adopted her at 11 months on February 11, 2007 so I like to celebrate her birthday when she was adopted since there is a definitive date. 

She's on her hind legs standing up to see.

I think I will have some steak, thank you very much.


Other Emmy Pictures

She really didn't like the wee pad training.

Even when Nick put his hand on her to reassure her.

She loves laying on Nick's stinky work out clothes and my slippers.

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The Bowers! said...

Oh Doozy--happy birthday!