Thursday, February 06, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: February 4, 2014

Tonight for dinner we went simple.  We both have been having a pretty rough week, so I made noodle soup with left overs.  I have a feeling we will be eating a lot of noodles pretty soon because our beloved little doggy has been at the vet’s office with what they think are bladder stones.  She just turned nine last month and the age is clearly starting to show.   We have a senior citizen on our hands.  We should get a senior citizen discount on her checkups. I keep saying that we are going to go to Never Never Land so that we can have her forever.  She still plays like she is a puppy and loves to go on long runs with me, but I can see that her black fur is turning white and she sleeps more.  She even seems to have mellowed out in the child-herding department.  Luckily, she seems normal except that she has some blood in her urine and frequently needs to go to the bathroom.  She still is running around like it doesn't bother her so I think we caught whatever it is early enough.  She's on amoxicillin and cranberry pills in case it's just a bladder infection. She is currently getting an ultrasound at the vet's office, but once I find out what is wrong, I'll post an update.

So we’ll be tightening our belts quite a bit for a while.  Nick’s birthday is coming up and I had made reservations at a really nice restaurant, but that has been postponed.  I’m thinking that I will just make him a nice dinner, which means it will be interesting for the blog.  Two birds with one stone.  I’ll be sure to document the process thoroughly. 

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